About David Zitting

I, David Zitting, moving into 40’s now and yes, if you do the math I was in my late teens when I started in the mortgage market as a part-time work in 1988. I can tell you it is a lot different now than it had been then!

I am committed to the most wonderful woman in the world Tracy, and she and I’ve two wonderful children Raegan and Jett. I have to admit, being a father is by far the most exciting and gratifying aspect to my life. As much as I love my career it doesn’t come close to time used with my children!

I enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the beautiful Utah scenery as usually as I are able to. The major reason why I thought we would are now living in the great state of Utah was generally due to the wonderful ponds, streams, and mountains offering numerous actions that I’m passionate about including skiing, snow boarding, wake boarding, fly fishing, shopping, hiking/climbing, hill cycling, traveling as a personal pilot the number continues and on! I also enjoy reading, cooking (I’ve a small point once and for all wine, reds mostly), socializing, and journey (love to vacation).

I think in providing everyday just of power that I have available. I feel great each night that I will look back on that day and realize that I truly did my best, or reached as much as I could to accomplish or enjoy any facet of my life. I’m very little for sitting around got to exercise! I could not stand however for more than a couple of seconds. I like a fast-paced lifestyle packed with change and excitement hence my desire for mortgage financing. I care seriously for many of my friends and believe that it is connections and friends that provide the options to realize my goals.

I enjoy anyone in my life that offers me the possibility to be exactly what I could be and that allows me achieve my targets. You’re all actually valued!

David Zitting